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The Vitality of Oil Changes

Complete vehicle maintenance

An automobile is a mechanical marvel with several moving parts. Much like an assembly line, those moving parts all have their own tasks that come together flawlessly to take you and your family safely from point A to point B.

Those moving parts can also be viewed as mechanical organs, similar to those in the human body. Looking at them from that perspective, it is understandable why general maintenance is key in keeping your vehicle running smoothly.

One of the most integral maintenance tasks involved in your vehicle’s longevity and health is regular oil changes. Some individuals map their mileage as a way to monitor their oil life, while others might drive until their oil sensor pings. Bland Street Auto is here to encourage everyone to do the former, and provide explanation and education behind why. 

Reducing Friction

A basic understanding of physics outlines that the mortal enemy of moving parts is friction. Whether its pistons or belts, an automobile’s engine has a lot of action going on under the hood, and every single movement is a battle against friction.

In the case of these engine parts, too much friction can drastically shorten the lifespan of your engine by wearing them down. Automotive oil reduces friction, keeping joints, bolts, and all operational parts moving smoothly. Unless there is a leak, the oil circulates throughout your vehicle’s engine continuously.

So if it doesn’t leave your engine, why must you change your oil? As you drive your vehicle, environmental contaminants find their way in, contaminating your oil with dirt and grime as it does its job. This in turn defeats the purpose of lubrication by causing damaging friction from foreign objects.

Multiple Cost Savings

While Bland Street Auto is an affordable option in oil change and vehicle maintenance in West Virginia, some individuals still choose to skip their oil change too frequently to save a buck. Aside from damaging your engine, the cost savings accrued by consistent oil changes are more dynamic than you might realize.

Improved gas mileage is certainly a big area that clean oil aids in. This relates to the aforementioned talks of reduced friction. When engine parts are working harder, your gas mileage suffers, so keeping things clean will keep your bill down at the gas pumps.

There are a variety of different oil brands that garages like ours at Bland Street Auto implement, made by companies like Valvoline that have spent decades improving their products so you can go longer without a change. These options give customers the ability to choose what the most cost-effective and beneficial product is for their vehicles.

Your Auto Maintenance Team

From tune-ups to tire rotations, Bland Street Auto provides quality work and competitive prices to our Jiffy Lube and Speedy Lube counterparts. Our experienced crew of mechanics and service technicians perform oil changes and general maintenance on makes and models that include Ford, BMW, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan!

We look forward to keeping you on the road –