Servicing your vehicle is of the utmost importance for maintaining quality and longevity. Routine maintenance is comparable to going to the doctor for a regular checkup. You must keep up with service, but the timing is also imperative. Schedule too soon, and money is wasted; schedule too late, and your car’s performance declines. Like a well-oiled machine, your vehicle’s ability to function depends on trusty technicians and an excellent memory. 

Instead of relying on estimates, determine when you need your car serviced and put reminders on your calendar or phone. Even better, allow the auto body shop to let you know when to come in. Either way, being informed on when to bring your vehicle in will be better for you and your car.

When to Service Your Car
As each car is different, the recommended time to service your car will also vary. However, as a general rule, your vehicle should be serviced every six months or every 6,213 miles. If you drive your vehicle more than the average person may, you might hit that mile mark faster. You should bring your vehicle to a good auto repair shop (such as Bland Street Auto Center). 

On the other hand, if you drive your car less than the average person, you might not hit that mile mark even after six months. Despite this, you should bring your car in to ensure everything is at peak performance. Some modern vehicles suggest going 12 months between service appointments, but it’s better to stick to six and be safe rather than sorry. 

Why Service Your Vehicle?
Even when your car is not making noises of help and clunking down the road, there can still be issues. Brakes, for example, can stop working suddenly and without warning. Regular checkups will reduce the possibility of the brakes going out while driving the car. Additionally, other car fluids are important to check to ensure they are not degrading engine quality or making for dangerous conditions. Getting your car serviced regularly will ensure safety, efficiency, and proper running. 

Of course, if your car shows any signs of distress, get your vehicle serviced with a quality repair shop as soon as possible. 

Premium Service
For quality service and repair, visit Bland Street Auto Center in Bluefield, West Virginia. Our technicians guarantee pristine condition and promise speedy results. Your car will look and feel better than new. Our services include oil changes, brakes, tires, wheel alignments, engine repair, diagnostics, and much more. 

Call (304) 327-5025 or email us at for more information. You can also visit our website for a complete list of our services and available hours. We look forward to keeping you on the road!