Summer is the perfect time for road trips and adventures. However, before you hit the road, it is crucial that your car is reliable and working the best it can. Inspect your car before the summer to ensure you can rely on your vehicle wherever your journey takes you.

Essential Car Maintenance Tips

Test Your Cooling System

The summer is the worst time for your air conditioner to stop working. After spending hours outside in the heat, you’ll want to ensure that whatever time you spend in the car is cool and comfortable. It is important to test your AC before the warm weather arrives to ensure it’s working properly and prevent other maintenance problems from occurring due to excessive heat.

Check Your Tires

Warmer temperatures, driving on hot roads, and spending more time on the road can cause wear and tear on your tires. It is important to get the tires checked before the summer months to confirm that they’re either in great shape for the summer or to give yourself time to get them changed.

Check Your Fluids

There are many fluids that your car relies on to keep it running smoothly throughout the year. You’ll want to check your coolant, wiper fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, as well as refrigerant for your air conditioner. Your coolant and refrigerant levels are the most important to check before the warm months. Because they’ll ensure you can keep your car cool.

Test Your Battery

You may not realize that summer months are harder on your car’s battery than winter. Increased evaporation and oxidation can be hard on your battery, so getting the battery checked before summer starts is crucial.

Check Your Brakes

Consistent stop-and-go driving, along with heat, can take a toll on your brakes and their related parts. The most important thing when driving is to make sure you’re stopping safely, so getting your brakes checked before summer will ensure that your brakes are working their best for any road trip or vacation you may have.

Clean Out Your Car

Keeping both the exterior and interior of your car clean can provide many benefits during the summer months. Cleaning the inside of your vehicle can prevent food and other garbage from melting into your seats and causing your car to smell from the heat. The heat can also cause damage to your car’s paint if you don’t thoroughly clean it during the summer, so make sure you’re taking care of both the inside and outside of your vehicle.

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