You might be prepared for the winter, but is your car? As colder days are quickly approaching us, it’s essential to make sure your car is ready for the winter roads. With the proper precaution, you can ensure your safety on the road this winter. Read below to learn the top 10 tips to get your car winter-ready! 

10 Tips to Prepare Your Car for the Winter

Refill Coolant: 
In the winter, you need a coolant ratio of 60/40, whereas, in the rest of the months, you need a 50/50 ratio. Cold, freezing, air plus a hot engine is not a great combination. Coolant can protect your engine from overheating or cooling. 

Get An Oil Change:
 Usually, you should change your oil every 5,000 miles, but with the winter approaching, it’s even more important to get an oil change. Some vehicles require different, thinner oil for the winter months, so read up on your owners manual to make sure you’re using the right oil.

Check Car Battery:
 Cooler weather requires your engine to need more battery current. Make sure your battery has enough charge and is working efficiently. Anti-Freeze Washer Fluid: Regular washer fluid can be detrimental to seeing out your front window in the winter. You will need to purchase an antifreeze solution washer fluid to assure the liquid doesn’t freeze up when trying to clean your windshield.

 Call your local auto professionals to help you with an auto tune-up. It’s recommended that every 30,000 miles, you get a tune-up. Tuning up your car and keeping it in good shape before the winter ensures that you will drive safely all winter long.

Defroster & Heater Check-Up:
 Before the winter begins, this is one of the more essential check-ups you can get for your car. Without a properly working defroster and heater, you won’t be able to drive safely in freezing temperatures, and your windows will fog up often.

Investigate Tires: 
Check out your tires to see what kind of condition they are in. They will need all the traction they can get for the winter months. You may need to invest in some snow tires if they are worn out. If you don’t want to get snow tires, make sure they have enough air pressure.

Ice Scraper:
 Keep an ice-scraper in your car at all times. Removing 2 inches of snow from your windshield with your hands is not any fun and will take a long time.

Lubricate Window Tracks: 
Cold, freezing water can seep into your windows, causing them to freeze and drag. Over time, this will damage your windows. Lubricating your window beforehand can help you avoid these kinds of damages.

Survival Winter Kit: 
Lastly, always pack a survival kit at the beginning of the winter. You never know what kind of situation you could end up in, so it’s best to be prepared.
Ice scraper
First aid kit
Jumper cables
Salt or Cat litter

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